Trevor Savage

Grade: Freshman
Major: Undeclared

A fairly unremarkable individual, Trevor is a total slack with little ambition or talent. How he got accepted at E.V.I.L. is anyone's guess, let alone how he got a full ride scholarship. He's not even particularly villaious. He probably would have been dead meat the first day if not for the timely intervention of Gabriel, who seems to have taken the boy uner his wing for some obscure reason. He's still got a lot to learn, however, and Gabriel can't be there to pull his ass out of the fire ALL the time...
Gabriel Caine

Grade: Junior
Major: Overlording

One of E.V.I.L.'s most promising students, Gabriel is a diabolical genius with his villainous fingers in a lot of sinister pots. At any given time, he seems to have multiple schemes going on, often with obscure agendas. He is an expert with technology, and has a knack for getting others to do his dirty work through a combination of social engineering, bribery, blackmail, and outright deceit.
Jezebel Starr

Grade: Sophomore
Major: Manipulation

A vicious femme fatale, Jezebel enjoys the finer things in life, especially when they come at the expense of others. Her primary weapons are her good looks and ruthlessness, but that isn't to say that she doesn't have quite the armory of literal weapons... which she somehow manages to conceal on her person at all times, even under quite revealing clothing. She has some kind of history with Gabriel, and the two hate each other with a special passion.
Vincent Kahn

Grade: Senior
Major: Asskicking

The resident advisor of Trevor's floor in the Fenrir Hall dorms, Kahn is just about the nicest villain you could ever expect to meet. He's generally very laid back and likes to have fun, but don't let his friendly demeanor fool you--he is also monstrously strong and a skilled brawler, as many underclassmen have found out the hard way. He also has no qualms about hiring himself out as muscle to the Student Mafia.
Shiva Crimson

Grade: Junior
Major: Assassination

A brash and impulsive woman with a special talent for violence, Shiva is a friend of Gabriel's who often "eliminates threats" for him in exchange for help with her assignments. Although skilled at stealth, she actually prefers to take opponents on head-to-head, as she is a bit of an adrenaline junkie who loves a good fight.