E.V.I.L. is now live!

by PaulPowers on 25th Aug 2016, 10:42 AM
The fall semester is here, and with it the very first chapter of E.V.I.L. What is E.V.I.L. you ask? Well, it's a webcomic, obviously. But you probably already knew that. So what's it about? Well, it's sort of like Harry Potter, except with villains instead of wizards, and it's a college instead of high school... and it's more of a dark comedy than a fantasy adventure... You know what, it's actually not much like Harry Potter at all. That was a bad analogy.
Let's try again. E.V.I.L. is a university that prides itself on being “the best of the worst,” a school that trains villains in the skills they will need to succeed. Offering majors in such sinister fields as Mad Science, Masterminding, and Supernatural Arts. Here, underhanded acts like lying, cheating, and even attacking other students are not only tolerated, they are actively encouraged. However, E.V.I.L. students are being trained for success, and so while such misdeeds are expected, one should never get caught in the act. Sloppy students can expect to be punished, swiftly and severely.
The story centers on Trevor Savage, and out-of-place freshman, and Gabriel Caine, a promising student majoring in Overlording. Trevor is a slacker with no ambition who somehow managed to score a full ride scholarship, despite not really being villainous at all. Fortunately, Gabriel has taken him under his wing and makes it a point to guide and protect his new friend... albeit, probably for his own sinister reasons.